Hair – The Crowning Glory

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Hair – The Crowning Glory

Hair is undoubtedly the most important and precious asset for human beings, for women as well as men.

Lustrous, shining, bouncy and flowy hair is ‘the crowning glory’ for many women. Healthy hair, of whatever size, style or nature, adds to the confidence levels of a person while adding to the beauty factor.

In the present times, we find many people suffering from many problems like hair loss, hair fall, premature graying, brittle and lifeless hair to much serious problems like alopecia and baldness (at a very young age) and receding hairline.

Also, it is commonly seen these days that people are not hesitant to spend a lot of amount on hair transplantation, hair restoration or hair regrowth treatments.

It takes lot of time and effort to bring the hair back to life and bounce once it starts becoming lifeless and under-nourished. 

Believe me, there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on hair salons, hair products and hair dressers if you follow some simple tips to maintain a healthy and beautiful volume of hair.

It is a different issue altogether if the hair loss is due to some health concerns or as a side effect of any medicines or diseases.

Some important aspects to remember and follow to maintain healthy hair:

  1. Wash hair regularly – many problems arise due to the dirt that accumulates on the scalp and excess oil that settles on the scalp. So make sure that you are washing the hair regularly to keep it healthy.
  2. Use chemical free shampoos or hair cleansing products – chemicals such as sulfates and parabens mixed/used in hair shampoos or cleansers can have a long lasting negative impact on the strength and health of hair. Try to avoid using such products.
  3. Use wide-toothed combs – It is advisable to use wide toothed combs for hair as it helps in clearing the tangles easily when compared to other combs. We can avoid hair loss while combing if such combs are used.
  4. Never use hot water – Wash your hair with lukewarm water instead of hot water to ensure that hair is not damaged from the roots.
  5. Avoid hair dryers heat styling gadgets – As far as possible, dry your hair naturally rather than with hair dryers. Avoid using heat styling gadgets on hair as it may permanently damage the hair.
  6. Condition the hair – ensure that you condition the hair regularly and properly to enjoy rich and lustrous volume of hair. Massage the scalp with natural oils before washing the hair. And use rich conditioners on the hair after shampooing, as this helps to make the hair look healthy and keep it smoother without split ends.
  7. Healthy diet for healthy hair – It is always an unwritten rule that healthy and rich food consumption always proves to be beneficial for both the body and the hair equally. Try to include food rich in proteins and Vitamins as well as minerals like iron and zinc. Eggs, fish, nuts, avocados are other rich sources of food for hair growth.
  8. Homemade hair packs – From centuries it is a practice to use homemade hair packs to give it richness, luster, bounce and volume. Take out time to nourish your hair with such hair packs to maintain healthy hair. 

Some such packs can be made using Fenugreek leaves, eggs, hibiscus leaves and flower petals, curry leaves, herbal henna powder, milk and honey, fruits like banana and papaya, tea and coffee decoction, to name a few.

With these easy and possible ways to follow, we can surely maintain healthy hair for many years and avoid any hair related issues or problems. Wishing that everyone takes pride in their ‘Crowing glory’ after reading our article.

Hair – The Crowning Glory

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