Tale Of Overworking And Work Life Balance

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Tale Of Overworking And Work Life Balance.

If you ever happen to google “Hard Work”, you will not be surprised by at least a thousand
quotes glorifying overworking and go like, “ Work hard in silence, let success make noise”,
and tons more like that. Many of us have copied these quotes for our WhatsApp status,
Instagram caption, Facebook bio, and probably to tweet it as well.

Why do you work?

I mean, it is very good to be busy, work hard for the future, have a schedule, earn money and
have a lavish life, but have you ever wondered what will be the last goal of your life?

Yes, you are young, you are energetic and capable of doing your work for long hours. But have you ever questioned yourself, “Why do you even work”?

Of course, you were too busy building your career that you forgot to ask such questions to
yourself. Let us dive into your life and show you a clear image.

What does it like to take a break?

We see our favorite celebrities going on foreign trips, taking a break, and taking rest from
their working life and we on the other hand mute ourselves by arguing that it is something
only rich people can do.

What we don’t understand is, when I say ‘break’, it is not necessarily mean an expensive trip.

It means the first sip of chai that you absolutely love in monsoon, that long drive with slow
music in the background, that dance move you always wanted to learn, the way you let your
paintbrush flow on the canvas, and also jamming with your friends on your favorite song.

It can literally be anything and everything you like, all you have to do is be present in the moment,
stop thinking about your office, and love what you are doing.

Problem of glorifying overworking

We as Indians, have always praised overworking for some strange reason. We must
understand, we work to live and not the other way around.

I am not saying that your job does not need any hard work, but overworking sometimes drives
the worker to dangerous physical and mental health issues.

It has been linked with serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, which affect the world economy

Overworking and Work life balance affecting mental health

If reports are to be believed, depression and anxiety alone now cost around one trillion
dollars every year due to the lost productivity.

Sometimes being overworked even goes unnoticed, but you gotta keep small pointers in
your head.

  • Overworking can simply mean people forgetting to eat and drink properly, it could potentially lead to hypoglycemia and dehydration.
  • Immediate consequences may seem small, but once they begin rotting your body, severe cases can also lead up to coma and death.
  • Stress is also a significant attribute of overworking, which is likely to affect both the quality and quantity of sleep. We already know how that impacts our disease risk and immunity.
Worklife balance

Essential work balance

According to Joel Goh, Researcher from Harvard Business School, “ Workplace stress is
responsible for up to 8% of America’s spending on health care and contributes to 1,20,000
deaths a year”.

This report is only restricted to the USA and we can imagine how horrific a report dedicated to India
would have been with a population like ours.

Although we do not have any official statistics, we can assume what grave danger awaits
us in the future if we don’t work it out just now.

With a new year almost on our head, let us promise to take out at least two hours
from 24 hours for ourselves. One for family and one for ourselves. Just to do things that make us feel
alive, feel loved, and most importantly feel the peace within our heads.

Overworking and Work life balance

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  2. In primitive times overworking was required for survival and not today, We really need to change with time! Great Article.

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