Family Time

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Tips for Family Time

“Spending quality time with family is important as family is the strength of one individual” – we’ve heard this time and again. However, most people do not realize the importance of this. 

Keep in mind; quantity time and quality time are both important for a person to have in family. After work, studies whatever time we left, we should make a point to spend most of our time that we are having a good time along with family members.

 So build memories by keeping your family time creative and enjoyable. Here are 10 tips to better family time.

1. Eat together and listen to each other.

Small and nuclear family has turned down the meaning of family time. Parents are occupied with their carriers and children are busy in spending most of the time in mobile phones or with their studies. Most children today don’t know the meaning of family dinnertime. Yet the communication and unity built in this setting are integral to healthy family life. Having food together allows individual to have more time to discuss about each other’s life. This time is for parents to listen as well as to give advice to their kids. It impacts a lot on about individual’s life and their decision making.

2. Pray together and attend worship.

Nothing is more special than taking a few minutes from our day routine and show gratitude to god for all our goodness. We transfer our legacy of thoughts to our upcoming generations. By explaining the purpose behind prayer, children will learn the importance of faith as the foundation for the family. Also, when parents go to religious practices, it transforms positive energy to their kids.

3. Plan a family time outing.

Sometimes getting out of the house is also important. Going out on long drive, soft music crates a friendly boning in family. Prepare a picnic lunch and visit a local park. Visiting zoo and amusement parks creates time for family and bonding among family members.

4. Play games.

New technology has made video games more part of kid’s life. Parents playing video games completes the gap of generation and kids feel more connected with their parents.Also,parents gets the time to reconnect their childhood memories.

5. Create a “family time” calendar.

Since many parents have hectic schedules, spending time with children becomes a low priority. Post a calendar on the wall of your drawing room and remind kids to have special events with this calendar. Knowing in advance when you’re going to party may help by giving you more time to think of creative activities. Commit to keeping this schedule free from any cause..

Following these practices are important for a good family bonding and love among family. We wish to have a great family time ahead.

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