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Food For Life. Food is the source of energy for the Mind, body, and soul. For a great soul, a great mind is required and for a great mind, a great body is required. The source of energy to nurture all is food.

The food not only gives healthy humans but also a healthy & spiritual Society, which intern gives a beautiful world without negativity to live in. The Food should not only be nutritious, Healthy,

Energy giving but also soothing to live. It should Be enlightening.

What is the Role of food in life?

Some people Live for food and some use food to live. For some Quantity is important while for some Quality is Important, Some Eat food for taste, and some use taste just as a help to take food. In both cases, the food nurtures the body however when we take it in more than the required quantity it starts depositing in the body for future use and that future never comes when you require it so this keeps on increasing with little use. so, the role of food is just to give you energy and in today’s world when there is no scarcity of food there is no need of storing it.

What are the Top Foods?

Top Food is a few of those that give you Enough Energy to carry on your life activity full of energy and keeps you healthy and strong. These are highly nutritious foods whose limited quantities are enough to support your life activities and keep you away from diseases by boosting your immunity.

List of top foods

Milk – milk is a wholesome diet, best for all ages people especially children and old people. Milk not only gives you enough energy but also keeps you light and strong.

Honey – It’s one of the most energetic foods full of life and with lots of medicinal properties. Regular use not only keeps a person energetic but also Boots immunity.

Fruits – One should daily at least one eating session just have fruits. This is a natural form of food according to which our body has developed and this was one of our foods for thousands & thousands of years.

Nuts – Very Energetic, Full of nutrients, full-filling and natural

Green Vegetables – Full of roughage, light, Full of iron & vitamins keep us Light and energetic.

The major advantage is they are full of energy and keeps you healthy, they are natural and np processing is done on them, they are all in natural forms to support our body, mind, and soul in organic form.

Advantages of Top Food

Conclusions: Let’s have a life motto food for life and not Life for food, and take these foods which are in natural form to nurture our Mind, Body & Soul.

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