Reduce Fat

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Reduce Fat, A person who is overweight is called fatty, these are also called obese, they have more weight than the defined with respect to their height and Gender.

Disadvantages of being Obese?

  1. You carry a bag full of useless fat that you will never require throughout your life.
  2. It’s the source of a number of Diseases Starting from Diabetes to Heart Attacks.
  3. It Keeps your Energy low throughout your life thus impacting your life Goals
  4. Socially it gives a feeling of being unfit and thus hampers your Happiness
  5. It reduces the life span and the quality of life.

Why Do People Become Obese?

  1. Over eating and uncontrolled Eating.
  2. Eating habits under Anxiety, Social or work Pressure, depression, etc
  3. When taste becomes life’s motto & food the goal of life
  4. Irregular diet & high-calorie diet

How to Reduce Fat

  1. Eat ¾ of your appetite.
  2. Eat to live and not Live to Eat
  3. Take lots of liquid before food to eat less
  4. Have not more than 1000 calories per day
  5. Exercise regularly

Advantages of being Slim

  1. Feel Energetic, Healthy & Light.
  2. Feel smart, confident a part of the happening world
  3. Be Free from all diseases and a promise long active life.
  4. Enjoy the land, mountain, water everything

Diets to reduce Fats

  1. Low carb Diet with high Roughage
  2. High Protein diet
  3. Natural food items in natural forms
  4. No processed food

Conclusion: Life is beautiful, do not unnecessarily carry the extra 15-20 Kg bag, it’s of no use just shred it!

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