Quit Smoking, Re-enter Life!

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Quit Smoking

Millions of people round the word take the first sip of the fag, for fun and with firm belief, that it is just a few fags of fun and “I cannot be addicted to anything, I am I”, but slowly the shackles of Smoke become so strong and invisible that millions remain trapped in it till the End of Life! 

Friends, curiosity and adventurism do not always lead to something very interesting and happening. Sometimes they may also lead to some habits which are very hard to leave!

What is Smoking?

Smoking is a simple process of inhaling and exhaling smoke produced by burning tobacco. It feels to give relaxation to the senses or something similar and of course a bad smell to the breath along with low oxygen to the lungs and low energy labels to the body.

The worst part associated with it is the Physiological dependence it creates on the user. Users who smoke generally start believing that they cannot live without it. 

Addiction of Tobacco Smoking

All Smokers irrespective of what they believe, are addicted to it and unknowingly are a slave to this habit. You will see millions of people, sitting or standing alone round the globe in some corner and smoking, like a slave working at his master’s command, every and any time the master orders. 

Smokers can be seen craving for it badly and often seen taking lots of pain and efforts to get in time of scarcity. Smoking generally comes with a lifelong addiction as a bonus!

Disadvantages of Smoking

Smoking daily is like smoking a BMW or Ferrari in Lifetime. The amount one spends daily, if accumulated and invested, can create a good wealth along with a very high level of energy. I can create much more wealth, out of that wealth!

On the Health front it leads to low energy levels and high chances of deadly diseases and families living in insecurity of losing their near and dear ones prematurely.

Why is it hard to quit Smoking?

Smoking cessation is one of the most challenging things faced by most humans and it may take multiple years to Quit smoking or even after multiple years of conscious efforts, people miserably fail in tobacco cessation / quitting smoking.

The ease of availability of Smoking Devices and low cost per smoking per Session are some of the major factors which make it even harder to control the Craving for smoking, as it is there when you need it.

People who smoke are not able to leave the habit of smoking just because of fear as to how they can live without it! 

Ways to Quit Smoking 

Here are few ways of quitting it:

The best way is to decide once and quit it, and never touch it again. 

The second way is to Keep on reducing its Daily Quantity from X to X-2 to X-4 and so on and finally Quitting it. 

The third way is to Stop Storing it and every time you need it go barefoot to just pick one and, in the way, try to divert your mind to other things.

The fourth way is to switch between alternates to dilute the craving on single items.

The fifth is the Nicotine Replacement Method, where you take Nicotine patches or Nicotine Gums as a replacement to help Quit smoking.

Advantages of Quitting Smoking 

The Best gift you can give to yourself and to your family is to quit smoking and come out of theinvisible shackles of smoke you are slave of.

This will help you live a better life and your family will be out of the fear of losing you to some cruel disease like cancer.

It will increase your energy levels, improve your behaviour with everyone in the family, and give you a better, lovable and respectable social and family life.

It will also improve your professional life by being more active in participation and chasing challenges.

The efforts that are required to put into quitting Smoking, generally require some will power, love for yourself and family and few tested strategies and it is done. So what are you waiting for? Select your strategy ‘Now’ and Quit! 

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