Government vs Private Job

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Government vs Private Job is a debate which we are hearing since our school days. here are few points that we have tried to solving out the debate.

Out of the two, which one has more work-life balance benefits? 

What are the benefits of a Government vs Private Job?

Government jobs are considered the most secure and comfortable jobs. They are considered to offer individuals a sense of job security which is not found in private jobs. Moreover, Government jobs come with several other benefits, which make them more attractive as compared to private sector jobs.

Some of the benefits of government jobs over Private Job:

1. On Time salary and Generous Leave Policies. This is the major benefit of Government vs Private Job.

One of the major benefits of getting into the Government sector is that the employees receive their salaries on time. In Private sector, delays in salary payments are not uncommon. Employees can avail of a number of casual leaves, including paid leaves, medical leaves, and maternity benefit leaves.

2. Supportive Work Environment 

Government sector jobs give a supportive environment with subsidised travel and stay options. Medical expenses and other perks are at subsidised rates as well. Most of the Government sector jobs have fixed timings of work, which adds to more work life balance.

3. Power In Hands

Government employees get more power and authority in hand to set examples for others and much brainstorming is done before formulating any rule and regulation or the way to do some work in any respective field.

4. Insurance and Housing Facilities in Government vs Private Job

Government employees have access to better insurance, health care, leave and housing facilities for the employees and pensioners. For instance, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) provides a number of health and life insurance benefits to employees. So, the government job has more sense of security.

Government employees get housing loans at subsidised rates and Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for travel, which again adds to better work life balance.

5. Growth in Career in Government vs Private Job

Government sector gives more opportunity for career growth as the government sector is quite vast and employees have more opportunity to explore themselves in deputation and in sports. It also offers recommendations for promotion in higher authority administration level and of course, DA and Pay commission are there to tackle the inflation.

6. Salary Increment

Government jobs offer more stable and predictable growth when compared to the private sector. Promotions in government jobs are based on merit and not on favouritism or personal relationships. 

7. Pension in Government Jobs

Employees in the Government sector get pension and many perks after retirement whereas in the Private sector  employees have to make their own arrangements and money management for the life after retirement.

8. Work-Life Balance 

Government jobs offer a better work-life balance. Government employees have more paid leaves and vacation days. This is why government employees have more time to spend with their families and friends.

Final Words

Government jobs offer job security, more leaves and retirement benefits and training opportunities whereas Private jobs have flexible working hours and work from home facilities in some private companies with great pay scales.

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